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It´s all about the price! We have very low prices!!!!


Welcome to Olegs driving school! The 5 star driving school!

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Hope you will have a great time in our school!

Yours sincerely
Oleg (our great pedagogic leader).


Our first concern is you!

We are the driving scool that are providing an education that´s built up around your needs. It doesn´t matter if you are to take a driving license for a buss, a car or a truck. We will help you! Our first concern is you, not the money! That´s why we have 1000s of pleased customers in all ages. Check our rating!


Choose us!

If you chose us, you will get a modern driving education with modern computers.


Good cars thats easy to drive!

Our students drivers knowledge varies. Some has a good knowledge and some don`t.

Everyone is welcome!

Always feel free to visit, and our friendly staff will help you!

Sorry if our location is a looks a little bit “rough”. The building is under renovation and is due to be finished in 2019.




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