2 days crash course


Get your driving licence within 2 days!

welcome to our town

We offer you a cheap and fast way to get your driving licence! Welcome to our crash course!

Price: only 20$ (our cash register can´t cope with the crash course so we´re not able to give you any receipt).


  • Hotel, on a nice 1star location. We provide you with the hotel. Trust in us.
  • A lot of driving lessons
  • The exam
  • A guided tour arond our city. It´s fantastic!

The guided tour includes…

  • The pissing tower of luta
  • Visit to our local beer factor (makes our famous beer of goat pee). Free beer! Drink as much as you want :)
  • A visit to our local market where you can buy everything from a Tank to a crack pipe.
  • A neck massage by our world famous Massage bears, frienly animals!
  • A visit to our zoo, with everything from lions to bears to cookroaches.

This is something to talk about for years!

Call us for more information!!!



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