Drivers license classes

The car is “pure happines” to drive.

As a learner driver you tend to get those jerky starts or stall the engine.

The clutch on the Lada is very forgiving!

When it comes to making a smoth start, you just have to rev the engine up and violently release the cluth.

Smooth movements with the clutch??.. You don´t need that with our cars. It´s a little bit like picking your noose with a pair of boxing glooves on. It works!

Our cars are equipped with all the latest equipment:

  • Adjustable neckrest
  • 15″ Wheels
  • Seatbelt
  • Indicators
  • 5 speed gearbox

And for your comfort: Heated seats!

You will love the car!


motorbike driving license

Forget about your balance! With our motorbike you don´t have to keep you balance! 2 wheels is good but 3 is even better! It accelerates faster than your grandma´s permobile! It´s very easy to do wheelies with it as well!

trukk driving license

We offer a modern education for trukks. The Dneppr 3000 is safe comfortable and easy to drive! If you by misstake drive of the road it´s no problem! The Dneppr is four wheel driven! If you crash into another car, you win! The Dneppr is heavy and safe! To drive with it feels like when you are driving most modern SUVs!



Take your buss licence with our “topnotch” buss.

If you aren´t capable to find your own ass, even if you´re helped  by a stick with a mirror on the end of it. This is the choice for you!

It´s a fantastic bus. Comfortable, and.

Ok…. Will fill up with more information later..



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