Theory package


  • 8 Theory lessons, 2h.
  • Olegs Theory book “How to drive like a real man”
  • Also included, Olegs practical driving book “How to park like Rambo”

theory lesson

Theory lessons, a lot of fun! (sorry about the quality. Olegs polaroid camera was broken)

Price: only 100$ with receipt.


Driving lessons

We offer two kinds of driving lesson rates. It´s up to you to choose!

flexi rate 1

1. Flexi rate

We offer the “flexi rate”. If you choose the flexi rate, you don´t pay anything for the lesson. However if you don´t comply to the traffic rules, you pay us the same amount of money as you would have paid to a police officer if he or she should bill you. We recomend the flexi rate! If you choose the flexi rate it´s easier to learn by your misstakes!

Flexi rate, price list..

  • Passing a red light, 150$
  • Failure to stop for pedestrians on a crosswalk, 100$
  • Offensive behavior, 160$
  • Public nudity, 130$
  • Calling you teacher a “m….f.cker”, 1000$ (sorry about the offensive language it was a student who said it!).


ordinary rate

2. Ordinary Rate

We also offer the “ordinary” rate. Then the rates that follows applys.

Olegs package
100pcs driving lessons.

Price: only 20000$ with receipt

1 driving lesson

Price: 1000$ with receipt


In a hurry? Would you like to take the license quickly? Then we offer a…..

2 Days crash course


  • Theory package
  • Olegs package

No refunds of lessons thats not used

Price: only 20$


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