Our personel has over 3 years of teaching experince!


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Oleg is our great pedagogic leader and has inherreted the school from his father Piother two years ago. He has teaching in his blood. Piother sadly deceased in a tragic ordinary student/teacher fight (the student used a knife, which is, “not ok”!).


This photo is from the day when Oleg was examined and an approved driving instructor. To the left  is Olegs little brother who is aiming to be a driving instructor but flunked the exam for the 31 time in a row.  But neverless he was happy about he´s brother. Soon when he fixed the test he will also start working on the school. But untill then don´t listen to a word he says concerning driving..


The other teachers

We have had a lot of teachers by the years but they have all stopped working here in our school. They have all been nagging about a small things. Like, their pay check, working hours. The list is long… We think they should be happy just to get the the chance to work in our fantastic school! Everything isn´t always about the money!


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